Our planet is in trouble! Almost every day, we hear problems affecting the environment - problems like pollution (in all fields), acid rain, climatic changes, global warming, depletion of the ozone layer, destruction of rainforests and other wild habitats, decline and extinction of thousands of species of animals and plants and increase in poverty prove....and so on. Nowadays, most of us know that these threats exist and that humans have caused them. Many of us are very much worried about the future of our planet. Unless we find a way of solving the problems we have created, the environment will suffer even more. We cannot leave the problem-solving entirely to experts as we all have the responsibility to protect our environment. We must learn to live in a sustainable way, a way of using our natural resources which include air, freshwater, forests, wildlife, farmland and seas without damaging them. 

Though population expands and lifestyles change, we must keep the world in a good condition so that the future generations will have the same natural resources that we have. We frequently talk about saving our environment and how important it is to conserve the natural resources. It is high time we took some major steps towards saving our planet. It is high timewe woke up and made some serious efforts to save Nature. The EAST (Environmental Advisory for Sustainable Trust) is an independent statutory body. The trust was set up to increase environmental awareness. The EAST has been established to facilitate the enhancement, protection and management of a variety of geothermal and natural resources characteristics located within the environment of EAST regional boundary, and it addresses on the environmental issues.